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Oil on-line blending
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Technology parters:
ECOTEC cooperates with international leading Oil on-line automatic blending system technology and services providers like Tphnir, System SAS, Honeywell, Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Science and so on. We can provide the best solutions of Oil on-line automatic blending system.
Petrochemical energy efficiency
Oil on-line automatic blending system
Professional competence:
Statistical analysis, historical data and trend analysis;
Modeling: Topology nonlinear model;
Topology TOPNIRTM Near infrared technology and complete systems;
Engineering design and implementation
Advanced control systems;
Data communication connection with the DCS and APC
Overall system turnkey project management;
Extensive application experience in industry over 15 years
Crude oil production and management;
Atmospheric and vacuum distillation;
Hydrodesulfurization, reforming, FCC
Ethylene feed
Gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene reconcile
Lube oil blending
Asphalt reconcile
Clean fuels and biofuels
Fine Chemicals
TOPNIRTM applying in the Gasoline and diesel blending system:
As a part of Gasoline and diesel blending system, act the eye of the blending system;
On-line monitoring the indicator of the gasoline components and gasoline refined oil, including D86 distillation point, RON, MON, VP, benzene content, oxygen content, aromatic content, MTBE content, the ETBE content, density and so on;
These indicators are sent to DCS, By blending optimizer, obtained the optimized blending formula, as guidance of the blending.
Indexes for refined oil optimized by the formula is on-line controlled by TOPNIR system and become a whole Closed-loop control and optimization systems;
Guide and optimize the use of additives.
Technical advantages:
With a model correction, automatic update feature, less data required for modeling;
When analysis indicators added for finished gasoline or diesel, no more investment is required.
High reliability;
Mean free error time is long.
Higher blending productivity;
Excellent repeatability and reproducibility;
Excellent repeatability across the extended measuring range;
Rapid response, meeting the effective control or process control requirements of multivariable blending controllers. On-line process control, avoid of the influence of the traditional slow response analyzer. In the blending process, integrate of hundreds of measurements of quality indicators.
Reconcile surplus to a minimum, Optimize of feed distribution and optimization moment, finished gasoline and diesel quality guaranteed.
Multi-channel systems, the use of optical fiber to connect near-infrared instrument and an optical detector pool, 
Flexible installation, and reducing installation costs when blending in gasoline and diesel,;
Easy Maintenance;
Predict on outer boundary sample. 
When diesel production t feed and diesel product properties or the production process changes, TOPNIR model can automatically detect the outer boundary sample, and send the information to DCS, estimate the properties of the sample and ensure a certain degree of accuracy.
Database and model visualize. TOPNIR users use graphical user interface intuitive understanding of the chemical nature of the sample.
Advantages compared to other near Infrared method:
Current NIR model usually developed by multiple linear regression, for example, Multiple linear regression (MLR), Controlled multiple linear regression (CMLR), Principal Component Regression (PCR) and Principal Least Squares (PLS), Large number of samples (from 80 to 100), Because the model does not automatically update and strengthen data, the model can’t remain stable, and have large bias, difficult to online, real-time and stable forecast (Particularly when diesel grades, blending formula and the amount of additive changes).
The key of the TOPNIRTM is building the connection of NIR absorbance and hydrocarbon structure to avoid the general Regression of questions caused by lack of data. Samples grouped according to the principles of the chemical structure to form a lot of classification. Every classification is contained in a spectral box and is separately modeled. Instead of big workload of traditional regression modeling, the TOPNIRTM deals with sample immediately, and no update needed.
Analysis System software features:
Process Analysis System;
FTIR Analyzer Control;
Model Database Interface;
Three-level data exchange to DCS, CMAS, Online / offline data exchange.
  Analysis of system hardware structure diagram:
  Blending and optimizing diagram:      
 Benefit estimation:
Oil on-line automatic blending system based on TOPNIRTM  have

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