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Compressor control system
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Our advantages:
Professional equipment;
Fast execution;
Best patent algorithms;
Mature and standardized solutions;
Specialized on-site engineering team;
PC-based specialized software developed for turbomachinery
In the cycle to give full support.
Technology partners:
ECOTEC cooperates with the international leading compressor control technology and service provider American Compressor Controls company (CCC) and provides the best solutions for energy efficiency of compressors.
Petrochemical energy efficiency
Compressor control system (CCS)
Service industry:
Control consultation service:
Unit control strategy, control equipment, instruments;
Related Process and Control;
Dedicated hardware / software - Advanced Platform;
Specific technology, experience
  Anti-surge plan;
  Load distribution;
  Turbine control algorithms, etc.
The overall control system design;
Mechanical modifications;
Experienced on-site engineering team
Closed-loop controller simulation services;
Support service within a wide range of product life cycle
Objectives ECOTEC helps you to realize:
Operating closer to control limit, increase production;
To prevent unnecessary tripping and parking event;
Minimize process upsets;
Prevent surge, speeding and related losses;
Automatic startup and shutdown;
Operation at the lowest possible power consumption;
Minimize anti-surge reflux and the amount of venting;
Optimize of multi-machine network load classification.
Extensive experience in industrial applications:
Petrochemicals, coal chemicals, fertilizers and LNG;
Pipelines, gas processing and transportation;
Power generation;
Utilities including wastewater treatment and compressed air in the plant;
Metallurgy and mining.
Control Features:
Dynamic compressor control
Each turbo compressor requires at least two control loops, one anti-surge loop to prevent surge, and the other performance loop to adjust the compress capacity. Multistage compressor requires more circuit.
Our compressor control program built decoupling algorithm, anytime control output changes, adjust every influenced control element to cancel out the interaction among control loops, so as to make the loops provide more reliable anti-surge protection and more precise control of performance.
Anti- surge protection
By using the complex control of unique surge forecasting and anti-surge control algorithm, when required reflux, by as small reflux as possible to protect the back-flow compressor. Unique performance controller provides unique services different from other universal process controllers.
Computing performance from multi-variable control variable input;
Keep the key process conditions in an acceptable range, Override Performance Control response limit circuit;
Complex control with compressor anti-surge, velocity and other controllers; 
Function control based on multistage compressor load distribution networks;
Load distribution
Two or more compressors are applied when one compressor can’t meet the volume or pressure requirement. Our load distribution scheme optimizes the overall effectiveness and prevents unnecessary reflux or vent.
Extreme cold control
Our control system have extreme cold control loop in performance control procedure, provide PID loop and Decouple together with other performance and anti-surge output. When other controllers output change, the volume of cooling medium will be adjusted in advance to avoid the delayed response only after temperature fluctuation without decoupling control.
Anti-blocking control
Blocking and surge will appear in a completely opposite situation; urge will appear in the network resistance is too large, while blocking, too small. So, anti-blocking control and anti-surge control use the same control technology, but the opposite action.
Decoupling loops
If output of different control loops of one compressor is not decoupled, these loops will affect the other loops in the opposite direction. For example, EGR rate change will affect the net flow outlet or inlet pressure. If output of anti-surge controllers changes, increasing the response of performance controller will provide performance control factors precise control. Meanwhile, enhance the effect of anti-surge. For multi-stage compressor, output decoupling between anti-surge circuits can prevent the surge of one stage from another’s surge output.
The main hardware control platform
3+ Series Enhanced
multi-loop controller of speed, extraction, and anti-surge performance;
Intercellular communication by serial connectors and other controllers or host computer;
The average time between failures is 43.4 years; 1 million operating hours 2.5 faults.
        • 5+ serial system
          ReliantTM                                 VanguardTM
       Engineer Software
Expected benefits:
Compressor get energy-saving benefits by reducing the return flow;
Reduce maintenance costs by reducing the amount of maintenance;
Improve the quality of process control;
Fast and reliable compressor start up, shutdown procedures;
Reducing the operator's operation

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