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Vapour recovery
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Necessity of Vapor recovery
In order to eliminate explosion risks, the vapor concentration should be under the explosive concentration (0.6%-8.0% V/V). There have been several explosion accidents, for example, Qingdao Huangdao explosion accident.
Industrial VoCs (Benzene, xylene, toluene, aniline, ethylbenzene, acrylonitrile and other Hydrocarbons) lead to surrounding air pollution and the harmful components of PM2.5. Toxic and hazardous gases may enter the body through skin contact, respiratory and digestive tract, which will directly endanger human health and carcinogenic in long term. It may even cause a series of complicated photochemical reactions with nitrogen oxides and other substances under specific ultraviolet radiation, air temperature, humidity and other weather factors and become the Life-threatening photochemical smog. The vapor recovery product of ECOTEC can help you solve the  VoCs emission and pollution completely.
Recycling as the prior processing method has high economic benefit for polluting industries. For example, refined oil recycling gets more products and increases the income while reducing pollution and improving security,
According to the requirements of VoCs included in the scope of sewage charges levied by “Notice on the action plan of air pollution control by state council” (No [2013] 37), the VoCs charging system by sector and region started to be carried out in 2015 under the national “Volatile organic compounds pollution charges pilot program”.  
Vapor treatment will reduce PM2.5, the related diseases incidence of surrounding residents and the amount of medical expenses and the corresponding loss of working time. Meanwhile, reduce the rate of infant distortion; prolong the life of the residents.
Technical cooperation partner:
In vapor recovery, ECOTEC and its partners have more than 30 years design and on-site service experience, and have more than 900 vapor recovery equipment manufacturing and maintenance experience. We hold nearly 20 patents and are standing on the forefront of the industry. Our professional team ensure to provide with advanced and reliable processes.
24-hour, year-round business:
Technical cooperation partner of vapor recovery: Jordan Technologies (USA)
Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Kentucky, focus on service, began to produce vapor recovery equipment in 1995;
The world's largest vapor control equipment manufacturers and service providers;
5 overseas offices: South Korea, Italy, Canada and Australia, China;
22 agents spread worldwide;
More than 300 sets of vapor recovery equipment has been installed in the global;
More than 900 sets of the world's vapor recovery equipment (including rival equipment) have a long-term maintenance service contracts with Jordan Technologies (USA);
10 production / project base including China;
The world's largest service supplier
Vapor recovery process by ECOTEC
Vapor recovery process including adsorption, condensation, membrane and the necessary combination.
Currently, 98% of the world's most mainstream VOCs recovery equipment uses activated carbon adsorption process in combination with other processes to meet specific governance objectives according to the circumstences.
The key item to choose vapor recovery equipment is that the recovery system is always in a steady operation status. In other words, it has the lowest failure rate. So that it can continuously adsorb VOCs, and generate economic benefits vapor.



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