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Exhaust gas treatment
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In order to eliminate explosion risks, the vapor concentration should be under the explosive concentration (0.6%-8.0% V/V). There have been several explosion accidents, for example, Qingdao Huangdao explosion accident.

Reduce air pollution, reply with the environmental regulatory requirements, if the VoCs recovery cannot meet the requirement, treatment of the exhaust gas is the terminal control method.

According to the requirements of VoCs included in the scope of sewage charges levied by “Notice on the action plan of air pollution control by state council” (No [2013] 37), the VoCs charging system by sector and region started to be carried out in 2015 under the national “Volatile organic compounds pollution charges pilot program”.

Vapor treatment will reduce PM2.5, the related diseases incidence of surrounding residents and the amount of medical expenses and the corresponding loss of working time. Meanwhile, reduce the rate of infant distortion; prolong the life of the residents.

Cooperation partners

ECOTEC cooperated with US JORDAN, US FLARE, introducing of the world-leading VCU technology which can be used in the oil loading and unloading car/ship, tanks, process devices and so on. It is one of  the treatment methods for VoCs treatment or as the terminal control of the VoCs recovery equipment. 

ECOTEC cooperated with Institute of Chemical Defense of People's Liberation Army, Development and production of high-performance adsorbent and filtering material, In cooperation with the Beijing University of Technology developed new RCO/RTO products;

All the VoCs harmless products provided by ECOTEC comply with the national production standard, comply with the emission standard of the China, US and the EU. It also can be customized according to customer's specific standards, to meet customer needs.

Process of treatment of exhaust gas        

The process of treatment of exhaust gas includes adsorption, Oxidation combustion method, Oxidation combustion method combined with other process.


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