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  Necessity for LDAR

Organized VoCs emissions are easy to identify, controlled by the monitoring equipment and treatment devices installed at the exhaust vent.
Non-organized VoCs emissions have many discharge point, dispersed, big changes in the concentration range. It attacks more attention with the large-scale installation and rapid development of factory. The large leakage has caused waste of energy, environmental pollution and big risks.
Identify the risk in advance, enhance the safety and reliability of the process.
Reduce air pollution, comply with the regulatory requirements.
Reduce the feedstock and product loss, increase the economy benefit.
Identify the leakage in advance, reduce the repair cost
Optimize quality management of the supplier, guide equipment selection.
Find out the own VoCs emissions before full implementation of sewage charges, know about the Sewage costs, find the most appropriate emission reduction options
 * According to the requirements of VoCs included in the scope of sewage charges levied by “Notice on the action plan of air pollution control by state council” (No [2013] 37), the VoCs charging system by sector and region started to be carried out in 2015 under the national “Volatile organic compounds pollution charges pilot program”.  Taking a common Petrochemical plant with VoCs non-organized emissions 600t annually for example, ignoring the middle or high toxic VoCs, the sewage charge is 5 million annually. If the factory is located at the serious polluted area, considering the area adjustment factor, the sewage charge could be 25 million annually.
Low the risk of people exposed to the toxic chemicals. 
 Technical cooperation partners
ECOTEC has been cooperating with the world-leading environmental consultant and technology product supplier whose name is Sage Environmental Consulting, providing the whole and high effective solutions of non-organized VoCs through the expert hardware, software, project procedures and technical support.
With tens of years experience, We help petrochemical Enterprises analyze the process, identify the leakage point, identify the process risks to increase productivity and reduce the environmental and economical adverse effect. Provide entire economic and effective solutions for all types of companies.
Our expert:
Internationally recognized expert in VoCs control, process safe and EHS of oil refining, chemical and petrochemical industries, 
Cooperate with more than 40 countries in the VoCs control projects, including China (and Tianwan), Thailand, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.
Professional third-party verification organization.
ECOTEC LDAR services
We provide the high-quality LDAR service with optimized cost, by the professional establishment of procedures, effective data Management Software and our expert team and technical team from customers.
Our services include:
Equipment List established, including material audit, P&ID audit, on-site confirmation and database establishment.
Identify the equipment according to the leakage estimation and determine the list;
Detecting the leakage using hydrocarbon analyzer and / or optical gas imaging instrument, setting the detecting frequency and leakage definition based on the safe, risk and product cost.
Maintenance and repair;
Performance evaluation and trend analysis;
Evaluation device tightness by types, providers, feedstock and process conditions.
Record and estimate the Repair efficiency.
Our technology and product
 LDARtools PHX21™ Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer:Analyzer designed for method 21 LDAR projects, complying with the Chinese relevant standard and requirements,
* Bluetooth wireless transmission
 * Remote operation
 * Flame ionization detector
 Opgal EyeCGas™ Optical gas imaging cameras:the only one qualified by ATEX、UL、ANSI and CSA, infrared gas imager approved for use in hazardous areas 
 IMACC open circuit FTIR monitoring system
  Guideware ™Software used in the VOCs emissions management system
LDAR overview
LDAR is a continuous project. The project includes detecting, repairing and removing the leakage at the following components, Valves, pumps, connectors / flange, mixers and other process equipment sources.
The whole LDAR project should include establishing the equipment leakage list on the basis of leakage standard, tracking the equipment leakage according to the frequency and period requirements, as well as the test procedure, and giving valuable feedback to the enterprises. ECOTEC can establish intelligent LDAR project, using effective tracking instrument, provide the data to you, make you manage your equipment proactively, increase the reliability of the process, reduce the cost of product, safety and other production.
LDAR history
In 1990, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR, as the MACT ) was included in American “The Clean Air Act” . It defined that Petrochemical and chemical companies must implement LDAR, detect the leakage of equipment (including Valves, pumps, sampling, compressors, pressure relief device, and an opening line) to control the non-organized emissions;
USEPA issued “Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks” (method 21) in 1995;
USEPA passed the Smart-LDAR technology, tracking the big leakage point using the economical method to reduce the monitoring cost;
LDAR regulations from China
The comprehensive improvement of VoCs control in the petrochemical industry issued by China's ministry of environmental protection in December 5, 2014 clearly stated that LDAR is the important measure for reducing VoCs from source.
Petroleum refining industrial pollutants emission standards and Petrochemical industrial pollutants emission standards issued by China's ministry of environmental protection in 2015 further stated the national standard of LDAR.
LDAR data:
According to the analysis conclusion of USEPA, a common petrochemical and chemical plant in America will emit 600-700t VoCs annually through the leakage from valves, fittings, pumps, sampling fittings, compressors, pressure relief devices and their open ports pipeline.
The leakage of enterprises from China is larger compared to America, as the equipment material and engineering quality difference. The problem is mainly shown hereafter by analyzing the pilot LDAR Petrochemical Enterprises:
Leakage rate is large, nearly 30 times of the leakage rate of America by average;
Serious leakage rate is large, although open ports pipeline is less, the leakage exceeds 1/3 of the total;


After identifying the leakage source, the repair term and operation is vacant.



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