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Flue gas denitrification
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Technology partners
Denitrification partner: Heurtey Petrochem, established in 1953, world largest furnace design, manufacturing and engineering company, Rich experience in furnace flue gas denitrification, owning independent developed design tools and technology products, applied widely in petrochemical industry.
Denitration catalyst partner: Haldor Topsoe, established in 1940, world-leading catalyst and catalytic process provider.
Furnace flue gas denitrification technology product
SCR process denitrification product
The control technology in combustion
Low NOx burner;
Air Staged Combustion Technology;
Fuel Staged Combustion Technology
The control technology after combustion (flue gas denitrification technology)
Selective catalytic reduction technology;
Selective non-catalytic reduction technology;
SNCR/SCR mixed technology.
ECOTEC introduces most mature SCR deinitrification, wildely used in the petrochemical industry for all NOx sources;
Crude oil distillation unit;
Catalytic cracking regenerator;
Waste heat power generation;
Olefin plant / steam cracking furnace
Power Boilers
SCR introduction:
For high Dust Layout, catalyst is between boiler economizer outlet and the air preheater, make the injected ammonia react with the NOx in the flue gas to realize the denitrification.
The effective reaction temperature range is 320℃~400℃, much lower than SNCR;
The most common Chemical reactant (reducing agent) is ammonia, Urea is used recently.
ECOTEC cooperates with HEURTEY PETROCHEM, HALDOR TOPSOE, both of which are international leading technology and service providers, providing entire solutions according to the customers’ need,  
Advanced, customized catalyst;
Smoke fluid model and optimization of process;
Innovative ammonia injection technology, distribution technology and hybrid technology;
Module support structure and sealing system;
Catalyst Testing and Management Services.
Equipment technology:
Why choosing SCR process for denitrification of flue gas:
Currently the world’s most popular technology;
Mature technology;
Low investment;
Low operation cost;
No second pollution.
Why choosing ECOTEC denitrification product:
Unique, controlled three-state pore structure, higher activity and diffusivity;
Void volume is twice the plate and extruded type catalyst, highest specific surface area;
Relatively small volume, low pressure drop;
The lightest weight per volume;
Strong resistance to poisoning, more channels into the catalyst active sites
 Lowest SO2 / SO3 conversion rate;
 Strong thermal shock resistance.
Performance Guarantee
Denitration efficiency: high as 98%;
NOx emissions: less than 1ppm;
Ammonia slip rate: less than 0.25ppm;
Lifetime: More than 100,000 hours of no replacement.
Applying capacity: 1,300 MW;
SO2 oxidation: less than 0.05%;
Operation temperature: 150~540℃;
Calcium response: high as 25%.
Industrial applying:
Global SCR Performance more than 1,000;
More than 120 performance in refining and petrochemical industries, of which,
37 Reformers
18 catalytic cracking;
23 Furnaces;
40 other applying

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