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Rail tanker auto-cleaning
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ECOTEC cooperates with Institute of Chemical Defense of People's Liberation Army, We develop the product of train tanker automatic cleaning and exhaust gas treatment at tank washing station. The product has the advantage of high efficiency and low pollution, successful applying at tank washing station in Shijiazhuang.
Train tanker automatic cleaning and exhaust gas treatment
Train tanker automatic cleaning 
Railway Tank high-pressure water jet cleaning technology is the patented technology developed by ECOTEC and Electromechanical institute of Chemical Defense of People's Liberation Army, under the framework of military technology to civilian conversion, gotten national key new product certificate and the first Hong Kong Chinese patent Expo Gold Medal, Many tank washing stations in Shijiazhuang has used this technology. Electromechanical institute has got 1 invention patent and 15 utility model patents, Besides civil technology, A number of research promotes in the army. This technology was used at tank washing station at Yanshan Petrochemical, Tianjin Petrochemical, Urumqi Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical and Sinochem Quanzhou. 
Special high-pressure cleaning equipment
High-pressure washer
High-pressure washer is independent developed by electromechanical institute, and got national patent;
It sends three-dimensional Sprinkler head to the washing point. It is suitable for tanks of G60, G70 and so on.
Column three-dimensional positioning machine
Maximum lifting height is 7.5m. It holds Stable performance, safety and Rigidity. Motor function in three directions , that are beam Stretch, beam lifting and advance and retreat. It can put the high-pressure washer to the tank conveniently and correctly.
High-pressure pump
Type: WGQ125/31.5
Rated pressure: 31.5MPa
Rated flow: 125L/min
Electrical Explosion Proof: dⅡBT4
Motor Power: 75kw;
Three plungers reciprocating pump, Reliable quality and stable performance;
Fully meet the requirements of automatic control systems;
Console  includes main console, deputy console I, deputy console Ⅱ. Operation buttons and computer are both available for washing control and operate the monitoring system. 
Automatic pressure regulating device
Type: HGTY-B
Pressure range: 0~35MPa;
Electrical Explosion Proof: dⅡBT4
It is researched by Electromechanical institute, and becomes a complete set with high-pressure pump. It got the national Utility model patents.
Exhaust gas treatment at tank washing stations
Exhaust gas treatment system of tankers washing
Collect the gas generated from washing, make the gas enter into the gas treatment system and ensure the discharge standards.
The components of the gas include: Benzene, water vapor, air, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and others. To meet the relevant standards, ECOTEC uses "two-deep condensation + two adsorption" Integrated Process, specially adapted to the exhaust gas treatment at tank station.
First, the gas goes through two-step deep-condensing to remove 80% or more the oil gas and the all water vapor, the concentration of oil gas like benzene will reduce a lot. Then the gas goes into the second adsorption system whose components are adsorption resin and activated carbon. The gas is emitted to atmosphere after meeting standard and the desorbed high-concentration benzene is recovered after Condensing into a liquid.
According to specific conditions, ECOTEC has a series of process technology to meet the need.
  VOCs recovery
Adsorption recovery;
Condensate recovery;
Membrane recovery;
Combined process.
VOCs treatment:
Adsorption treatment;
Oxidation combustion (VCU、RCO、RTO)
Runner concentrated + burning;
High-energy particle oxidation (catalytic photolysis, low-temperature plasma);
Combined process.

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