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Marine loading arm (MLA)
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Oil loading arm
Transfer hose or loading arm is required when loading and unloading because the ship will shift as absorbing water, tides, wind direction and other factors changing. Marine loading arm significantly improves liquid transport operations between ship and shore compared to hose. Easier to operate, More ergonomic, longer lifetime, possible to take urgent measures to release, no product leak and no any pollution.
ECOTEC introduces the world-leading marine loading arm produced by KANON company from Netherlands. It can meet the latest requirements of OCIMF and many large oil companies. Marine loading arm of KANON has the lowest maintenance cost, Without the use of scaffolding when replacing seals. Without dismantling of the loading arm itself.
The size of the marine loading arm all between 4” and 20”. The available material includes Carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel 304L, 316L stainless steel. Manual or hydraulic operation, depending on the size of the loading arm, Ship specifications and installation accessories. 
 * KANON  Marine loading arm  Oil duplex pipe
Using integrated device, taking into account the demand for transport of liquids, gases and other different media
* KANON ERC emergency release device
KANON ERC is one part of the Emergency and safety system (ESS) of KANON, ensuring the safety as much as possible when loading and unloading used the marine loading arm. When Beyond the scope of the safe operating area of the loading arm, ERC can automatic and safely disconnect the loading arm and vessel and prevent leakage.
ECR is designed with single-cylinder. Many marine loading arms on-site performance proves that it can provide intrinsically high-level Safety. ESS of KANON, especially ERC, is known as the work model of the liquid delivery industry. provide high-performance and Seldom or never repair.
 * KANON Rotary joint
Rotary joint plays a key role in loading arm. KANON Rotary joint has flexible rotation, withstand all loads and have no leakage.

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